Why GHP is foremost for foundry?

Foundry has been always a place where weighing has to be done with approx. measurements. Further with industry revolution manufacturing comes with the solutions to weigh ladles hanging with the cranes. As normal scales has evolved and they used to hang upper side of the crane with the strong rope and it used to indicate the weighments. Furthermore the foundry industry has to evolve with the automation, so to avoid fume’s disturbance, crane scale’s damaging, Gramton has developed heat shield crane scale for hot metal weighments. GHP is a Gramton Heat Proof Crane Scale specially designed for foundry industry to weigh hot metal ladles under 1500-1800 °C temperature which comes with an android app for data storage facility. 

GHP has foremost features to work under high temperature. It has 45 hours long battery backup for consistent work so it can cover 2-3 shifts of the routine. Damage resistant heavy gauge fabricated steel which is shock resistant helps to keep the machine working under high temperature. It’s compact and robust structure makes it highly considerable to weigh hot metal. It shows the weighment accurately with clearly red LED bright visible display to avoid mixing of the measurements. The strong body of the machine comes with button load cell to avoid the bulky setup at the foundry. It has high quality hook and shackle to hang the ladle which will lead to hang the ladle accurately and weigh correctly. The masterpiece feature of the GHP is, it comes with an android app which helps to maintain the weighments reports and the data. So one can work thoroughly with GHP and the app for better execution of the hot metal weighments.

GHP Android App is the simplest option for displaying weighing data on a screen. You only require the GHP android app with which the weighing data from the crane scales can be transmitted to the PC/Mobile Device also the data can be transmit or save to the device. GHP improve productivity and output of the business directly as you can analyse the process with accurate measurements through the app.  It enhance customization for flexible manufacturing with an intuitive user interface utilizing the latest technology. Also the data gathered by the weighing information management system can be implement in the customers own business.  

Advantages of GHP :-

  • Avoid short pouring
  • Avoid human judgmental and perception error in a ladle changing
  • Accurately measuring molten metal material productivity
  • Measuring and storing real raw material charging data and individual casting weight automatically
  • Ensuring appropriate weight of molten metal tapping from furnace
  • Managing the scarcity of trained and experienced men power
  • Getting real and actual process data to take a better decision
  • Customize field for data storage
  • One of the best advantage of the GHP system is that it can directly hang to the ladle. There is no need to keep the safe distance.

All these above advantages makes GHP the foremost weighing scale for hot metal weighments for foundry industry.