How to maintain Product quality with Batch Weighing System?

One of the key components of any batching operation is consistency, and weighing plays an important role in ensuring consistent product development, as well as accurate customer billing and inventory records.

Weighing is one of the fastest ways to manage quality control operations. Quality controlled weighing systems are used to ensure consistency. By weighing products that should be identical, we can quickly identify any anomalies, allowing us to maintain uniformity. These systems normally compare products to a set weight standard. This set standard is referred to as the “target weight” and in most cases includes a “tolerance” to allow for minor variations.

Here are a few use cases for Batch Weighing Systems :
Baked good production
Sports shoe and athletic wear production
Producing bottled/canned beverages
Paint production
Ink production
Adhesive and glue production
Flat-pack furniture making
Jet engine production
Computer chips
Electrical goods (calculators, scales, & so on)

In many plants that use manual methods, a common practice is to work with pre-weighed bags. Problems associated with this method are that each bag may not contain exactly the prefixed weight of the material, and that the worker may not empty the bag completely. Inaccuracies are compounded as more bags are used. Additionally, if an operator is required to count bags in order to achieve proper weight, there is a chance for human error to occur. However, Gramton’s Batch Weighing System, comprises a single weight controller that controls and weighs few different materials which constitute a batch. It makes sure that the right quantity of material is discharged to complete a batch.

With the help of our Batch Weigh controller helps to increase productivity and results in more-accurate measurement of ingredients (resulting in better product quality), minimization of product loss and dust, and reductions in the cost of materials purchased.

Achieving this kind of weighing accuracy means considering many factors, both mechanical and operational, that can affect your weighing system. Choosing quality components especially suited to your application will go a long way toward ensuring that your system provides the accuracy you need. These components typically have impressive worst-case specifications, and their actual performance is usually better than the specification. As a general rule, select load cells and a weight controller with accuracies 10 times better than your desired system accuracy. And pay close attention to how you install and operate the system to prevent mechanical forces and electrical noise from reducing your weighing accuracy.

Gramton is recognized among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of batch weighing systems. Our products are highly acknowledged for their high quality, durability, dynamic design and sturdy construction.

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