How G Series indicator is one roof solution for Automobile Industries?

The automotive industry is characterized by the importance of its inventories and the diversity of these inventories. According to industry 4.0 revolution every industry has to evolve with new technologies and the advanced inventory systems. Every industry has the compound solutions at every stage of the business. Which includes weighing automations with advanced features to help with the audit and maintaining reports for the products. Imagine what if automobile industry has the weighing solution for part counting which helps to optimize the time and lead towards the better report generation and error free functions. Consider specific automobile industry where different machine parts, nuts, bolts, screw and many more machinery supplementary arrives in bulk for production. For inventory control purpose multiple automobile industries has ERP and SAP integrations for the same which helps to run the system smoothly. G Series Gramton weighing indicator is the machine beyond our imagination where every weighing, counting data can be stored and can export the reports to Pen drive and other devices through USB Port. G series has such a facility that it can integrate or coordinate with ERP and SAP systems after studying the system thoroughly. Also it has such a features which eliminates all the complicated integrations with the software. It saves all the weighing, counting report to the device and one can get all those reports from the USB or through Pen drive too. G series indicator is loaded with multiple advanced functions. It is one roof solution for all the weighing and counting purpose. Following example will illustrate the G series machine in well manner. e.g. There are 10 Boxes of nuts and you have to count the total number of nuts by counting the nuts available in one particular box. So how it will possible?

G series weighing indicator –

GA7 Indicator
G7 Indicator
G10 Indicator

G series is a weighing indicator which comes with weighing scale to show results also it works like a mini computer. First the sampling process has to be done. Once the sampling is done, we have to tare the box’s weight so in this machine you can save the weight of the box only if you have standard weight of the box then it has a feature that the machine will tare the box’s weight automatically. Once the box is kept on the scale, it will show the total count of the nuts, one particular nut’s weight and the total nut’s weight. So according to this you can measure all the boxes of nuts and get the total count and weight automatically as this machine has the function of accumulation which will eliminates the manual interference and get the accurate weight & count. Now this data you can save to the indicator itself also you can transfer the report to pen drive or other devices through USB Port. 9 Operators can work on this single machine with their specific log in ID and Password. Also you can get the weighing, counting reports by operator wise, day wise, week wise, month wise, product id wise and date wise. There are 9999 PLU memory is available where one can save the products for the daily routine. Once you save the products details, you can recall the products by its product id, unit weight, product name and by scanner through barcode. After weighing and counting the data the print can be generated, whether the print’s data will be customized as 99 types of label designs you can generate. Also this machine comes with a software for label design, barcode design and also to view the weighing reports. G series indicator has 2 USB ports and 2 serial common port for data transfer. Also it has an in-built check weighing facility with color code. In this machine 1 lakh transactions can be saved by FIFO process. All these functions are automatic and one can use this machine roughly as this is rugged and strong in the presence. So G series weighing indicator is an advanced and full of future abilities machine for the every industry.