Gramton Heat Proof Crane Scales For Foundry
Foremost Hot metal weighing system for Foundries with
Data Storage App
Gramton Heat Proof(GHP)

With Gramton’s Heat-Proof Crane Scales, specially designed for foundry requirements, you can rest assured about safe operating conditions at extremely high temperatures (1500 to 1800°C). The USP of the GHP system is that it can directly hang to the ladle with zero safe distance requirements, effectively addressing the issue of safe operating conditions of load cells. Yet another critical feature is the app facility for remote operation, effectively addressing the issue of reading weighing data at high temperatures. Designed for simplicity, the scales can be operated even by unskilled labour, thus eliminating the issue of recruiting, training and maintaining skilled manpower. Additionally, the weighing scales completely eliminate errors in human judgement during ladle-changing. Besides these, Gramton’s Heat-Proof Crane Scales for Foundries offer the following benefits:

Highlight Points-
  • 45 hours battery backup which leads in line workflow
  • Android app facility for remote operation & weighing data storage facility (Optional)
  • Works under extreme high temperature (1500 to 1800°C) (Pdf/CSV/Excel)
  • High-quality and approved hooks and shackles for robust structure
  • Clearly visible display avoids mix up measurements
  • Robust mechanical structure with heat shield
  • Avoiding human judgmental and perception error in a ladle changing
  • Avoiding short pouring
  • Customize field for data storage
  • One of the best advantagesof the GHP system is that it can directly hang to the ladle. There is no need to keep a safe distance.
  • Recorded weighing data can be transferred by whatsapp, email, bluetooth etc.
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