Standalone Batch Weighing System for the Rubber Industry
Standalone Batch Weighing System

Batching systems are critical to the rubber industry. Understanding the needs of our clients, Gramton has designed the Standalone Batch Weighing System to cater to these requirements. Boasting of the Traceweigh Software that forms the heart of the batching system, the advanced centralized controlling software supports unlimited formulas and ingredients with complete scheduling, revision history, traceability and audit of the batches. Capable of dispensing multiple batches at the same time, it supports both, vertical and horizontal batching and allows users/ supervisors to access the data from the batching control system in real time. Besides reducing manpower requirement, it results in direct savings with improved raw material yields. Besides these, Gramton’s Standalone Batch Weighing System offers multiple advantages, listed below:

  • Customer service enhancement with proactive customer deliveries
  • Provides real time status of targets with inventory information, resulting in improved productivity
  • Improved planning and coordination, which helps identify and reduce pilferage sources at all levels
  • Controls product cost and quality
  • Greater customer confidence with complete audit information with quality assurance
  • Can integrate with 3rdparty ERP software (Oracle, MSSQL, API)
  • Reduces label wastages/ monitors label consumption
  • Optimizes capacity and ingredient usage
  • Allows viewing and printing of historical batching
  • Logging and historical analysis of data
  • Easy access to data from any computer, using a browser that is on the same network as the computer hosting Traceweigh
  • Flexible security system
  • Facilities to set permissions for the different roles individually with View, Edit, Insert, as per assigned job function
  • Traceweigh monitors key process and batching data alarm conditions
  • Documents and accelerates recipe development
  • Manages variability and product consistency
  • Specialized weigh stations for required formulation activities
  • Drives efficient, compliant production floor
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