In the world of measurement, the importance of accuracy and reliability cannot be overstated. Regularly calibrated and maintained instruments are crucial to:

  • Avoid losses in every weighmen
  • Minimize production downtime
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency in production and processes
  • Avoid product recall
  • Enhance the quality of the product
  • Gain profit for the company

To ensure that our customers’ critical operations continue unhindered, we have been providing AMC services through Gramton Weighing Automations, a Service Provider Company for GRAMTON make Weighing Systems and Automation, since the last five years.

We provide AMC for all types of Gramton make weighing scales in the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food, Engineering, Logistics, Automobile and all other industrial segments. Our pan-India network of engineers ensures a quick response to our esteemed customers’ needs. Our team of self-motivated, experienced and trained professionals and engineers, guarantees high dependability and customer satisfaction.

We provide national level verification certificate services for both, machine and weights, by calibrating it against the NABL Standard weights for all classes. Besides this, Gramton also assists in getting Government stamping for machines, right from the procedure of Challan filling, to getting a verification certificate from the Legal Metrology department.

Our strong support network, dependability and high customer satisfaction all ensure that Gramton remains the preferred partner for all your AMC requirements!


We Maintain the ACCURACY to Process and Enhance the Quality of the Product Which Improves Productivity and the Profitability.

Need of Accuracy
  • Inaccurate weight reading and unexpected downtime can lead to lost revenue.
  • One way to minimize these issues is to have regular preventative maintenance performed on the weighing equipment.
  • Regular scheduled preventative maintenance will extend the life of your scale equipment, maintaining accuracy and helping avoid unexpected, costly breakdowns.

In the world of measurement, ACCURACY is defined as how well measurement’s result agrees with the true value, which makes it challenging to track the progress.

Maintaining the ACCURACY in a Production Process (Batching, Inventory, Testing, Filling, Packaging etc.) will help you:

  • To avoid the losses in every Weighments.
  • To increase the accuracy & efficiency in Production.
  • To enhance the Quality of the Product.
  • To gain ultimate profit to the company.
Why Gramton?
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Functioning maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Constant evaluation and development of operations
  • Our clients receive agreed service in the agreed time
  • To gain ultimate profit to the company
  • Free Service Consultancy to streamline their business
Benefits of Preventive Maintenance
  • Helps you in minimizing the maintenance and operating cost of the weighing machine with minimum downtime by planned and proper periodic maintenance
  • You can avail concessional rates for the replaced products
  • Concessional Service charges as compared to one-time call rates
  • Attention by a skilled and trained technician who will attend to your weighing machine, suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts. This will help you in proper maintenance of your weighing machine at minimal cost

For Example: Consider we are using the Capacity of 10kg with an accuracy of 2g weighing machine and consider various weight devations per kg

For Example: Consider we are using the Capacity of 150kg with an accuracy of 10g weighing machine and consider various weight devations per kg

"To Avoid Hidden Losses,Its Very Important To Vary Accuracy Periodically".